Zenfully Yours

Cheers to a wonderful new week ahead of us.  I’m excited for two reasons, one – I’m headed to my first bloggers’ conference and two- I’m looking forward to meeting many of my blog-buddies and enjoying all there is to offer and learn.  Before I head off, I wanted to share one of the most fabulous make-overs by a FBF.  Last week while I was in the midst of perusing my Facebook newsfeed I stumbled on a picture of her outdoor zen-spot.  You know me – I’m always enthused to see beautiful Rest-Havens and when I spotted Keisha’s outdoor creation I had to share it with you.. Thank you Keisha for allowing me to share your haven.  Grab you coffee, tea and vittles because you’re gonna want to see all what’s in store and see how she created it.  Let’s look at where she began.


I know you’re probably excited, like me, to see how she did it all on a budget of $500.00 – Let’s begin where she started.  Keisha cultivated a personal vision for her garden and began to think of ways to incorporate her style while maintaining natural elements for a zen-oasis.  The space was no where near easy to work with, and having a tree in the center was even more challenging, so she decided to make that her focal point and build around it.


Her desire was to have a warm, welcoming area to enjoy entertaining her family and friends for outdoor festivities.  We all know that pallets are free and there are many, many, many projects you can use them for.  Keisha took full advantage of the freebies and that laid the ground work for her oasis to be created.


With some help from her father and a friend,  they dis-assembled them and made the floor for her raised deck.


Lots of sawing, cutting, measuring and patience went into this project, but as you see, it was well worth it.  Here you can get a visual of the framework and how the pallets became the wall around her space


More pallets are assembled and laid to encompass the tree


Bricks are lined to design a pattern


She added flagstone for another natural element in the space


Filled the area in with small stones and gravel


This bench was a roadside special.  Luckily she found it and gave it a new life (keyword – BUDGET)


Old bowling balls spray painted silver are being used as garden art


She used red mulch around the tree for a pop of color


She stained the pallets to weatherproof and give them color



Next up was adding the plants.  She found an old ladder to use as a plant stand and the boarder pallets were used as as planters


Nestled between these two sunshine yellow adirondack chairs is a table she made from a tree trunk


Isn’t it gorgeous!!  I love the redwood color and blended with the jewel tone vase was pefect


What a warm, welcoming environment she created.  By being creative, resourceful, diligent and patient, she was able to achieve her goal and accomplish a zenful retreat for her after work and weekend entertaining.


Using pallets as the gateway separated the haven area from the garden, while still balancing the artful flow into the  haven.


Last but not least – it was time to add the cushions and pillows for the seating area.  She covered foam and added an array of brightly colored pillow to finish the space.


A piece of driftwood is another artistic element added to the area.


I hope you all stand with me and give Keisha a round of applause for creating such a restful retreat – all on a budget of $500.00!!!


Meet the beauty behind the brains of this creative garden Zen Oasis..


And she did it her way…..


Do you have a project that you’re working on and would like to share with my other readers?  If so, email me and you’ll be my next featured guest.  Also be sure to follow me on the blog, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Until next time lovies!!  Remember – it’s not what it costs but it’s how you style it.. Create your own style and design on a dime



Fruit Cocktail Bread Pudding


Fruit Cocktail Bread Pudding w/Frangelico Carmel Glaze

I am excited to share with you that in two weeks I’ll be headed to Atlanta, Ga connecting with other bloggers who share the same passion as me at the Bloggers University Conference.


This is my first bloggers conference and I’m skipping happy about it.  I started blogging for fun and now it’s turned into my passion.  I’m headed there on a volunteer ticket – but that’s cool because I get to share in on the fun and learn even more about this thing we call “Blog” world.   For my ticket I had to enter the Dixie Crystals Sweet & Southern Recipe Contest (talk about under the gun – I had to do this within 24 hrs – YIKES!!!)   but I’m happy to say I accomplished that goal.. – A girl on a mission..


I’m sharing my version of one of the oldest southern classic recipes that will satisfy the after dinner sweet tooth for everyone.  Thanks to Dixie Crystal for having this contest where I’ll be competing nationwide with other bloggers submitting their Sweet & Southern Desserts.

15453 Std Manual Cover

For the recipe of this delicious bread pudding you’ll need:

  • 1 loaf of white bread (I used Sunbeam giant loaf)
  • 5 oz evaporated milk
  • 2 cups milk
  • 1 large can of fruit cocktail (in heavy syrup)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 3/4  cup Dixie Crystal pure sugar
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp lemon flavor
  • 1 1/2 stick of butter

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.   In a 9×13 glass baking dish melt butter (do not let it burn).  Tear bread apart and put in large bowl


Pour both milks on top of bread and let it soak in.   Stir in fruit cocktail (with the syrup), egg, sugar, extracts and cinnamon.  Give a good stir.. I know.. (looks like lumpy oatmeal.. )


Add melted butter and give a good stir.  Pour batter into dish (you melted the butter in) sprinkle top with a little cinnamon


Bake for 30-40 minutes..     Let rest approximately 10 mins before cutting.  Drizzle with Frangelico Carmel Glaze (optional)


Frangelico liqueur is a is a pale gold colored liqueur made of Tonda Gentile hazelnuts. It is distilled in the Piedmont region of northern Italy from an alcohol and water infusion of the nuts. Natural flavoring extracts such as cocoa and vanilla are added before blending with alcohol, sugar and water to meet the bottle strength.


The glaze adds a bit of a nutty flavor to blend with the fruity flavor without having something crunchy in the pudding.  But for those who prefer your pudding plain, its just as yummy.





For the glaze:

  • 4 tblspns butter
  • 1 cup light Dixie Crystal light brown sugar
  • 3 tblspn Frangelico liquer
  • 3/4 cups half&half

In a small saucepan melt butter, add brown sugar, liquer and half&half.  Whisk until smooth  – drizzle warm glaze over warm bread pudding and enjoy


As always – cooking is easy with “TLC”  Enjoy!!


bread pudding7


Thrifty Thursday

Forgive me guys, I know I’m suppose to continue the Victorian Charm home tour, but I wanted to interrupt it with a quick post of thrifty Thursday.. I have to say one thing for sure …. it’s been a freaking thrifters’ paradise out here.   I can envision us (fellow thrifters) sitting in the anonymous cyber circle and admitting to our guilty pleasure of being a “thrifterholic”, meanwhile showcasing our fancy finds,  giving the reason behind the addiction.  So with that being said.. My name is Jamala and I’m a “thrifterholic”.   Anyone else ready to step inside the cyberbox and confess with me?  Don’t be afraid..there’s a lot of love in this group… chuckles…. we’re birds of a feather that flock together…:-)

Okay.. now that’s over and done with.. let’s jump to all the goodies that were found!

I heard about a new Goodwill that opened in Lancaster and decided to take a visit.  Glad I did, because I found this loveseat for $50.00.  Excellent condition – no stains, smells or damages.  So this came home with me for my son’s house.  He just purchased his first “starter” home and he’s pretty excited.  Woohooo to him!!  This will be perfect for his living room.


I’m no wine specialist or sommelier but when we popped into another off the beaten path thrift store, I stumbled upon what looked like swizzle stick with a cork thingy..and did a quick research and found out it was a Winecicle.  They sell for in the range from $8.00 (without an Aerator) to $50.00 (with an Aerator).  If you’re like me and hadn’t heard of them, you simply freeze it approximately one hour before using your wine.  Once frozen, place the icicle in the bottle to keep your wine perfectly chilled  Wait for 10 mins and it is ready to pour at right temp.  They’re easy to wash and clean and it’s dishwasher safe.


The one I found has an Aerator and it was $4.00.  A perfect accessory for the bar cart

friday finds8

If you’re following me on Instagram, I posted this gorgeous crystal cut pitcher that was another thrifted find for $2.00  –  They make my fresh cut hydrangeas look so beautiful

friday finds9

another look… because they’re just so darn beautiful… (I loooooves me some hydrangeas!!!)

friday finds10

insert another smile  :-)

I got an email from the Goodwill Blog letting us know of another Goodwill grand-opening in West Columbia. Me and my musketeers got up early and headed there and boy are we glad we did.  I found this set of Threshold gold flatware for $10.50.  They had 6 boxes  – so needless to say… you know what I used my contest giftcards on (yippppeeeee !!)

friday finds11

A thrifting diva Toni found this snazzy club chair for $12.46.  I can’t wait to see what she does with it.. High-5 Toni!

friday finds12

and fellow Instagrammer Marla found this fabulous pair of metal & lucite lamps at a local thrift store.. (She really peeped these bad-boys out!!) she spent a whopping $6.00 on them..lol..  High-5 and a hip bump to you girlfriend!)

friday finds13

and last but not least – Up next – is one of the grandest mirrors found by another thrifting diva Shelly and it was “THEEEE best” $45.00 spent.  You know my mouth dropped open and eyes got big as pool balls.. lol… She gets 2 high-5’s, a hip bump and a heel kick on this score.

friday finds2

She’s using it in her boutique and as you see, it adds the perfect chic-ness for her decor- WAY TO GO Shelly!!!

friday finds3

Now you see why I was soooooo excited to post a Thrifty Thursday???  It’s really fantastic seeing all the gorgeous finds out here and how everyone is thrifting their house into a home.  As always, it’s not what it costs, but how you style it.   Happy Hunting and have a wonderful weekend!  (up next is the Victorian Charm home tour continuation:-)







Victorian Charm


I’ve always been smitten with Victorian Homes and their grandeur.  From the high ceilings, wide verandas, to the ornate details, these homes always seem to capture my attention.  It was after watching Gone with the Wind for the first time, is when I encountered my first fantasy of living in an old Victorian home.  South Carolina has many quaint towns and  in them is where you’ll find some of the Victorian-era homes nestled in the neighborhoods.  As you travel through them, you tend to get mesmerized by the charming looks of these southern comfort homes.  Such is the historic town of Chester.  Chester is where my dear friend Elizabeth, Inn Keeper of the Inn Upon Moon River Bed&Breakfast resides and it is through Elizabeth that I was fortunate enough to meet another wonderful new friend name Jan, and she and her husband Terry are added to my list of the sweetest people I’ve met since living in the south.  Their friendly personalities blended with their zest for life really makes being in their presence so pleasurable. They welcomed me into their lovely Victorian home with open arms and a glass of Prosecco.  After having a few glasses, talking and laughing – it was like we were long time friends.  After several visits to their lovely home, I decided to ask “can I share your home with my readers” and when she said “Sure” I got excited, grabbed my camera and began my story.  So, grab your tea and croissant, and come join me because I’d like to invite you into their exquisite “painted Lady” Victorian Home.

jan's house

As you enter through the grand foyer you’re stunned with this beautifully designed Living Room


Jan is the master-crafter behind the lovely decor and she reupholstered every item in this room and created all the custom draperies


Each piece she placed in the home adds to the victorian charm of the beautiful home


The border trimming the walls was all hand-painted using a stencil.  Adorning the fireplace is her collection of USA Roseville Pottery and the most gorgeous tiffany firescreen


As your eyes wander the room you’ll find all the details and everything is meticulously place.









The antique light fixture is another attention grabber.




Opposite the Living Room is where you enter the grand Dining Room with vibrant cherry red walls.


The first stunning  sight is the most beautiful crystal laden chandelier mounted against her metallic gold ceiling.  This is her crown jewel of the home – which has been with her in every home she’s lived (and I see why!!!)


The way it glistens in the light and the faceted colors that are reflected makes it so glamorous.  Reminds me of something you’d see in “Gone With the Wind”



The custom gold drapery adds to the charm of the room blending the gold, red and blue decor


And here again – is her hand painted stencil.  (it’s all in the details)



Victorian brass wall sconces adorn the fireplace



while crystal lanterns and decanter drink set adorns the buffet


As you see, this lovely home was decorated to reflect the natural charm and keeping with the grandeur of the home.  I’m sure this is making you want to see more, and there is plenty more to see.


So to give you an eye candy break from this overdose of sweetness, I’ll be sharing the rest of the tour in three different posts.  I can’t wait to show you more of the details and love they put into restoring and decorating their home.   They scoured several thrift stores, antique shops, estate sales and auctions to find the right pieces to accent the home.   Looking at all the beautiful furniture, art work, collectibles and accent pieces, one would think it’s been handed down to them in the family.

Next up will be the kitchen, parlor and study… so tune in for the next episode of the charming Victorian treat.

Until next time – enjoy thrifting your house into a home.



Like New Again

Every Spring I get excited about sitting in my “She-Rest Haven” and love finding little items to decorate with.  I try to change a few items every year just for a bit of a new look.  This year instead of focusing on the small items to place around – I became inspired by a shower curtain I picked up from HomeGoods a few months back.  It was in the clearance aisle marked down to $10.00.  The beautiful bold print caught my eye and I thought it would be great in the gazebo with the nice subtle tones of the greens and blues.


I figured the bold paisley fabric would make perfect pillow cushions for the Better Homes & Garden outdoor set I purchased a few years ago on sale at Walmart.  The set is still in great condition, however, the seat cushions show wear and are not firm anymore, not to mention the fabric has seen better days.  Two years ago I recovered the back cushions made some floral throw pillows from scrap fabric.

outdoor set b41

It held up pretty well, but the seat cushions just bothered me.  I saw how another blogger buddy, Brandi, painted  her cushions because the color had faded and they looked really good.  I thought about doing the same, but mine were just a bit too flimsy and needed stiffening.

outdoor set b4

So I bit the bullet and made the decision that it was time to really kick it up and get the cushions reupholstered professionally.   I found the perfect outdoor fabric that complimented the shower curtain fabric and headed to the upholsterer’s home to get started.  A few days later I was picking them up and they look fantastic!


In fact – I think they look even better than when I first purchased them (especially as for the color scheme of them), here’s the original fabric (booooooring)


I know…..not that exciting… but hey – I got the set at a fantastic price and it was sturdy.

You feel me?..  besides…. the fun part is always changing it to reflect your style.


The two colors were blended perfect and I love the new look.   It actually looks and feel like I have a new set.  Ta-daaaahhhhh!!!




So much prettier …..  I wanted to add another twist of color and saw a delicious orange/pink fabic (with these little fish pattern) and thought that would be a fun pop of color.  A bit of tropical blue mixed with some orange crush made a nice contrast for the pillows and kinda reminds me of rainbow sherbert.



I’m so thrilled about the new look.

Found these dainty tealight chandys at Ross’s Dress for Less for &6.99 ea

gazebo tealight

gazebo tealight

I couldn’t resist the yoga cat I found at AtHome store


This flower pot was a thrifted item for $1.50





The little vintage tin I picked up from Goodwill for $1.00 holds decorative napkins.  Mixing old and new items gives a space a bit more character


I kinda have a secret fettish for collecting these type tins.  They’re so useful in so many different ways and they add a decorative touch around your space.   Here are more of my At Home goodies… (I think I’m about to get hooked on that store)




and at night it looks even more enchanting..



Recovering the cushions saved money and I’ll have this set a few more years.  I can’t wait to hang out in here with my besties – just us girls listening to some music, having some sips and dips and simply “chillaxing”.  How’s your  “get ready for Summer” going?  You’ll see me post more about my “Rest Haven” this summer, but in the meantime – as always – “Happy hunting while Thrifting your house into a home!”






YardSale Fun

This past weekend was our town’s big I2I Yard Sale.  I must say planning it is very time consuming, but I have to admit, it’s also very rewarding.  Not just because I sell to make a few bucks for my pockets, but because I love meeting new people who share the same love of yard-saleing.  My twin, Amina and my aunt Pookie came down early so we could get a jump start to set things up. Thank God they did.  We had been busy moving, lifting, cleaning, organizing and styling for the sale and every night we pooped ourselves out.    My idea was to share our wonderful time with you, but we stayed so busy, it was hardly enough time to take pictures.  I did manage to take a few to share.  We started setting up a day in advance – and it was a blessing we did.. (not to mention we made quite a few sales that day- so we were off to a good start)

Here were are getting things all set up.

yard sale13

We had lots of salvage “shabby chic” items

yard sale1

Cooper galore!  Glassware, vases, figurines..

yard sale4

lamps, candle holders, wicker baskets

yard sale5

we utilized the dog cage as our art gallery

yard sale

a couple of steamer trunks..

yard sale6

yard sale7

are you wishing you had come yet??? heeeheee….. i know.. lots of goodies right!!!

yard sale3

yard sale8

as you see we had lots of great items..  This antique wash stand was a major hit with folks looking for antique items.

yard sale12

carved african statues

yard sale15

We received lots of compliments about our items and we even had returning customers (that’s a good feeling because they were completely satisfied with previous purchases)

yard sale16

we had several beautiful lamps

yard sale17

yard sale19

I contemplated hard about selling these brass beauties, but when this couple saw them, they were telling me how they just purchased new living room furniture and how these lamps were perfect for their set.  So seeing how happy they were made me feel better that they were going to a nice home (and it was her birthday gift which was all the better  :-)..

yard sale18

and this lady was tickled pink about her lamp purchase ..  Our lamps were major hits this year

yard sale22

We had people from all across the state of SC and folks from Michigan, Tennessee,Virginia, and No. Carolina come to the sale.  I was even excited to learn my family from Florida, NJ and NY were coming as well.  They came to join in the fun to shop and sell!  This is my aunt from Florida looking cool as a cucumber  :-)

yard sale20

and these are my cousins – it was great seeing them and hanging out again.  I only wish they could have stayed longer…I  miss them already..


yard sale21

After the third year of participating in this event I thought I’d also share some of my yard sale tips of the trade with you-

If you’re selling:

  1. It’s always best to plan ahead
  2. Make sure your items are well organized
  3. Clean glassware and dishes
  4. Check electrical appliances to see if they’re functional
  5. Have ample change available
  6. Have a great sense of humor
  7. Always greet your shoppers (a friendly smile and simple hello goes a long way)
  8. Tag your items – (although we failed royally with this – we pretty much knew what we wanted to get for most of the items and was able to get by without having a milion tags everywhere)
  9. If you can, stage furniture pieces (to help shoppers imagine it in their homes)
  10. Be patient with your shoppers
  11. Try to have a little bit of everything
  12. Have some music playing in the background.. (if you notice stores do that too – it’s for a good reason)
  13. Have a “Free” pile – you’d be surprise how much attention that draws

If you’re new (or even an avid shopper) to the game of buying at yard sales- here’s what I found to be the most annoying:

  1. Over-haggling (generally a seller will go a bit lower – but to keep asking for a lower price is quite annoying)
  2. Haggling over $1.00 items.  (me personally- I refuse to work with coins)
  3.  Being rude (no need to have an attitude if you’re approaching someone’s table – it’s a yard sale- be nice)
  4. Don’t ask the seller to hold an item without leaving a deposit
  5. Keep an eye on your children (so nothing gets broken)
  6. Handle items carefully
  7. Don’t put the seller through an inconvenience and then decide not to make a purchase (be mindful of the time wasted)
  8. If there is a crowd, be mindful of the length of the conversation with the seller
  9. Try not to use a $50.00 bill to pay for a $1.00 item.  Most times it’s hard to make change
  10. Slick talkers – often times people try to make conversation in hopes you forget how much you told them an item costs or their total.  It’s the oldest trick in the book.

In midst of the all my tips that I shared, the most important on both sides is to “HAVE FUN”!  We had “Elvis” impersonator come give us a show.  In fact, he bought one of the sparkly belts to wear with his costume, then we had another gentleman come (he heard the music and wanted to dance a bit.. chuckles… how cute) and then we had the couple who told us their story of how much they love going to yard sales together.  All this is why I love doing the yard sale.  I hope you enjoyed my yard sale fun post and perhaps I’ll see you at next year’s event.

As always,  happy hunting and enjoy thrifting your house into a home







Freshened Foyer

I’m on my minimizing kick and next up was the foyer.  I’m taking my time going room by room and completing this task.  I had hoped to have it completed by the time the i2i YardSale happened, but I couldn’t accomplish it.  One thing for sure is I’m happy that I’ve at least began making every attempt to do this.  Letting go is always the hardest part and I’m realizing  that once I’ve gone through a space redecorate, starting with a clean slate was easier for me to weed out what I no longer wanted.  Such is the case with the foyer, living room and dining room.  I wanted the color of the foyer to flow into both those rooms so I chose Sherwin Williams “Morning Fog”.  It’s a bit of a grayish/bluish/lavenderish color..

morning fog

When I saw it in this picture, I thought it was a bit too gray,

morning fog1

Contrare to my thought, it was actually what I was looking for.  I finished painting the rococco console table/mirror and it looks a thousand times better.  If you recall it was shabby black which did nothing for it.



Initially I thought about metallic gold, but then I loved the Rose Gold I used for the living room mirror, and decided to go with that color again because the console table has a mauve marble top.


This mirror was a royal pain in the toosh to paint.  All the swirly edges made the task of painting it was even harder.  (as much as I papered and taped, I still got overspray on it, but nail polish remover took it right off.


This is a closer view of the details that were on the console legs.  Here is how it looks inside with the new wall color



Major difference right!  Looks a lot more elegant!  I also changed the light fixture and decided on the Jamee chandelier at Joss & Main


I loved the chandelier, but I didn’t care for the crystals it came with because – 1) I had to assemble them and 2) they weren’t real crystal.  I had a bag of antique crystal prisms I had been saving and decided to switch them.  The longer crystals did a bit more justice to the beauty of the fixture.



This small space has 5 doorways, and i felt it’s best not to put a bunch of items in here.  I’m satisfied (for now)


I haven’t decided on an area rug yet, and I’m not rushing it either.. I’ll take my time and enjoy looking at the openness of the space.  By not having a lot of items the area actually feels bigger.


I’m so glad I chose to keep it because now I’m forced to not keep a bunch of “stuff” that was filled in the drawers of the table.


I styled it simple with a set of Ikea Blomster candleholders that I picked up at Goodwill for $3.00, another one of my favorite female busts (which was a yardsale find $1.00), a bit of greenery and my favorite pic of hubby and I.





When the chandelier is on at night, there’s a soft glow of the reflection


and the rose gold changes the hue


On the other side of the wall, I brought in the bench from the bedroom.  I needed a space to drop my handbag and workbag and thought that would be great place for it.  I finally hung the birthday painting.


Another vintage swan (which I use as a planter) is perched right next to it


I’m definitely sure I appreciate the new space.


Although the sale of the console didn’t go through, sometimes things happen for a reason, because I truly am happy I have it and I love the new look.  The foyer has been freshened up and I’m patting myself on the back because I was able downsize a few items.

To take the look of the foyer from this …


to this look


It’s a winner for me.  The total cost of my new look was $150.00 ( with the bulk of it being the cost of the chandelier).
As always, it’s not how much it costs, but its’s how you style it.  Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home.





Awesome Auction

A few weeks ago me and my two musketeers (mom and god-aunt) went to an auction.  My aunt had just re-located here and had not been to one, and since she’s shopping for things for her home, we decided to go.  I use to go to them all the time (it was the start of my “hoarder” sydrome)  getting stuff “just in case”.  While there I could feel the excitement building up in me and seeing all those fantastic items, my mind was racing 50 mph, and my mouth was salivating over all the goodies I could bring home with me.  I could have really done some purse damage if I hadn’t stopped myself, and mind you.. my mom kept saying.. “Kim, where are you going to put anything..” but yet I was listening like Charlie Brown to his teacher “womp womp”



This was just a tip of the iceberg.. there were lots and lots of good stuff inside and outside.  It’s so funny, I always joke about  this scenario, but while I’m sitting there, I clearly envision my sons telling them to “SELL IT ALL!!!”.. lol.. all my worldly posessions.. gone to the highest bidder… I only hope they’ll get sentimental and keep a few items.   But moving along and enough of that thought…. You know I have a chair fettish, and the white chair you see below almost made it home with me.  I did give a bid at 25 but I wasn’t going higher…. (I know what you’re thinking.. foolish me.. and yes I regret not getting it.. but I had no space and had to let it be the “OTGA”  mind you .. it sold for $35.00


I wish I had taken more pictures to share with you, but I was just too enthralled with watching the auction.  But ….I’d like to share with you exactly what came home with us.  My eyes zeroed in on this brass chinoiserie lamp and I snagged it for $10.00! (shade included but I want to change it)  You know I was excited..


I also got this lamp for $10.00 too.. I said “shucks”  for ten bucks its got to go somewhere..


I got a box of shades and vintage belts  and evening purses all for $20.00


This rolling utility cart guess how much –    $10.00  (yes, that’s my clutter behind here.. and I’m embarrassed.. so glad the yard sale is this week, because it’s all coming out and major cleaning is about to happen).  I promised my sons I won’t let this pile up happen again.. (insert eyes rolling) yea right…


My aunt was the big winner – she got this outdoor sofa set for $120.00



The set included the sofa, chair, coffee table, side table and cushions and it was like new.  The colors were perfect for her porch  and not to mention, how comfortable it sits.


She found the cute mosaic candle holders at “At Home”  – (we’ve found our new addiction..lol)

and last but not least she bought two of the Victorian green chairs you see in the back drop for $35.00 each..  I’ll be showing you a closer look later on when they’re all set in the house.  auction5

This was by far one of the best auctions I’ve attended in a long time.   High five to my buddies Johnathan & James of Ammons Auction for coercing me to come.  I’m so glad we decided to go, but really wish I had taken more pictures.. but next time, I’ll have more pics to show.  Have you ever gone to an auction?  Auctions and estate sales are just other venues to shop for home items and they’re really fun to go to.  If you had never been to an auction, get there early, and be prepared to be there a long time, so pack a lunch or snack and something to drink and enjoy the show.  You never know what you’ll find and as always – Happy Hunting – thrifting your house into a home.

Until next  – smooches!




Happy Friday!

Hey Guys!  I guess you’ve been wondering what have I been up to – at least I hope I’ve crossed your minds.:-), if not, it’s cool.. I know you’re just as busy.  But your girl  has been quite busy, between finishing up the foyer refresh and gearing up for our town’s I2I  49 Miles to Shop Yard Sale – which has now been lengthened to 70 miles!!  Isn’t that awesome..!!!  If you remember me talking about it last year and how much fun it was – well this year is expected to be even more fun.  My sister is headed down to join in on the fun again and we’ve got lots and lots of stuff to sell.  By taking on my Living Room makeover, the Budoir Refresh, and now the Foyer, I’m realizing it’s time to let go of some stuff.  I’m really trying hard to minimalize my hoarding.   It’s something when you remove items to begin a re-decorate project, how your thought changes and you somehow are able to let things go that you’ve not thought to get rid of.  That’s where my head is now.  It’s great because I just recently won first place in a de-clutter contest that was hosted by Goodwill_SC.  Along with gift cards, I also received the book “The Life-changing magic of tidying up”  – perfect timing right??!!!



closet contest

So needless to say I’ve got boxes all around the house and just dumping stuff and I’m vowing to price this stuff to sell because I have to let it go.  I want to have less stuff to dust, less stuff to store away and less stuff in the way.   Wish me luck on this process because it’s not easy.. trust me.. it really isn’t.  But..moving along.. I’m really happy how the foyer is coming along.   No major big renovation (because hubby ain’t having that..lol) – just painting and changing the light fixture.  I love how just doing those two items made a big difference.  I pulled an item out of storage to replace the table  you see here.  I had no love for the table, but it held “more stuff” that I wasn’t using.. I mean really – why did I still have the last 5 years of telephone books in there.. smh.  I found candles that I should have been burning, papers, receipts  and just – stuff.


It’s not a big space so I wanted to minimize the items I had in there to make it appear more spacious.   I had a rococo style mirror and console table to sell, but the buyer decided not to take it.  I was going to put it in the yard sale then I took another look at it and decided to use it in my space.  Reason #1 – no drawers to hold “stuff”  and reason #2 – I love it.   Here is the before:foyer

Isn’t that a sweet looking mirror.. I’m not feeling the black or the shabby look of it though..


This is the console table.  Black did nothing for this piece not to mention the beautiful rose tone marble top that was on it.   They both got a new look with my faithful can of spray paint.  I’ll show you the after next week.  I want to finish up the foyer and then surprise you  :-)

That’s all for now, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next week!  Oh and if you’re wanting to travel to the Yard Sale, hop over to the website and read all about it.  I’d love to see you there.  But in the meantime.. Happy hunting..   Smooches




It’s All In My Head


I just want to take a quick break from the norm and share my experience with you.  Two weeks ago I had a Saturday fun-day planned spending the day with my mom and aunt shopping, having lunch and just hanging out.  That Friday eve,  I felt kind of queasy and decided to eat a bit before bed (since I hadn’t eaten all night).  Saturday morning I woke, got out of bed, my head was spinning and I felt weird.  I laid back down for  bit to get a grip of things and about 45 mins later I decided to try it again.  Again, I got up and the room was spinning, my head was shaking and I felt sick.  All I can say was “oh God” help me.. I was home alone and didn’t know what was happening to me and trying to think what virus had invaded my body.  I remember my aunt Pookie telling me she had something called “Vertigo” and told me what it was and how it made her feel.  Long story short, I couldn’t get out of bed all weekend, but came Monday, I was feeling better.  I went to the doctor and sure enough was diagnosed with Vertigo.  I couldn’t understand what had I done to bring this on.  As she explained, given I didn’t have an ear infection and nothing was physically wrong with me, she just said it’s something that happens with your body and eventually it’ll work its way out my system.  That completely had me baffled as I’ve never experienced anything like that.  My head was feeling like I had been on a spinning ride, got off and it was spinning and I couldn’t walk straight.  At that point I knew what a real life bobble head felt like (I always hated those things)… what an awful feeling.


My husband was worried about me 1) because I’m not usually sick and 2) we were set to go on vacation.  It was absolutely the worst timing (like Murphy’s law).  The doctor gave me a prescription for Meclazine, but since I felt better I didn’t take it (I’m very skeptical about taking medications).  Last week, the dreadful “V” word came back again but this time in full force (stronger than before)..


My head felt like this picture..


This time I was bedridden 4 days –


I had to take the medicine.  After 2 days of taking Meclazine, it made me feel better but I wasn’t 100% – the spinning stopped but I had the queasy feeling for about 2 days.  Needless to say, I did feel better, just in time for our vacation (thank God) but I was truly worried about getting sick again on the ship.  We were all smiles the day we were leaving because I was feeling a lot better.  me and hubby

To play it safe, I didn’t move around alot, didn’t do fast movements with my head and did not stare at the water.   I made it back without any bouts of getting sick and I thank God for healing me in time for our trip.  It was a glorious – much needed vacation for both of us.  Although the hubby wasn’t quite happy to be back, but I was truly joyful that I didn’t get sick.  I got all the rest and vitamin D  I so dearly needed.


Here’s what I learned about Vertigo and I thought I’d share my experience with you.  I just thank God for the love and care my family provided me during my time of illness…  their support was truly a blessing.


Getting a proper diagnosis is essential, so you know exactly what is causing your vertigo. Treatment will depend on the kind of vertigo you have. It may be caused by an inner ear disorder, a head injury, migraines, strokes, or tumors. It may also be something totally benign. This is why it’s essential you find out what’s causing it.


If you only sleep using one pillow, this could make your vertigo worse. By sleeping with your head propped up on two or more pillows, you stop your inner ear crystals from moving and becoming dislodged as much. You can also sleep on your back rather than your stomach or side to avoid unnecessary disruption of the ear crystals.


Lowering your head past your shoulders can also cause your inner ear crystals to become dislodged and float around. If you must bend to pick something up, do it at the knees rather than at the waist. Don’t do any exercises that require you to bring your head past your shoulders either!


Stretching your neck forwards, as if you’re reaching for something, can also affect your inner ear crystals. Try to be more aware of the movements you’re making and avoid doing this with your neck.


Sudden movements can wreak havoc with your inner ear. Unfortunately, this means you should avoid riding roller coasters and taking part in high impact sports. You can still exercise and enjoy sport, but low impact is usually best. Try jogging, swimming, and walking.


Smoking is a very bad habit for so many reasons, but it can also affect vertigo treatment. If you do smoke, you are minimising the effectiveness of the treatment you’re receiving for vertigo. For the sake of your vertigo and other problems you could encounter due to smoking, get the help you need to quit now. There are many support groups and online forums that could help you. It’ll be hard, but it’ll be worth it.


Antibiotics may cure the reason for your vertigo, and it’ll go away as a result. There are many medicines that treat vertigo, but your doctor will prescribe the best one to you.

To learn more about Vertigo, such as causes, cures and treatments,  you can visit this website.  I hope I never have to go through this ever again because it’s truly difficult to deal with. It’s not a good feeling when it’s all in your head and you can’t control it.  I hope by sharing my experience with you, I provided some helpful information and if it ever happens to you, at least you’ll have a some insight about what to do.  Have any of you ever had Vertigo, and if so, would you like to share your experience & treatment with me?  I’d love to hear about it.

Ceasar Chicken Salad


chicken salad1

Hey Guys! I know there are a brazillion recipes for salad, but do you have that favorite “Go-to” Salad that simply satisfies you?  This is one that I truly love and since it’s officially salad season – I thought I’d share my favorite with you.   I’m not fond of bag garden salad (in fact I strongly dislike like it), however, I do love using the bag mixed greens.  I actually don’t like eating iceburg lettuce in a salad.  This salad is so easy to make and it’s my twist of the classic “Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad”.  You can make this salad in 15 mins which is actually the time it takes to cook the chicken.   I start with thin cut boneless chicken.  Sprinkle with Victoria’s Tuscan Seasoning

Victoria Seasonings Tuscan Blend

Victoria Seasonings Tuscan Blend


and marinade them in Ken’s Creamy Caesar Salad Dressing (for at least 1/2 hr but overnight is best)


Salad Ingredients

  • One head of romaine lettuce
  • Bag of mixed greens
  • fresh spinach
  • 1 clove  of fresh garlic, cut in tiny pieces
  • 2 stems of green onions (scallions), chopped
  • 1/2 of an avocado, chopped
  • shaved parmesan cheese
  • Caesar flavored croutons (or your favorite flavor)
  • Craisins (optional)

Mix salad ingredients in a large bowl. Pre-heat grill and once it’s hot, grill chicken breast.  Or for cooking indoors, using a cast iron skillet (or non-stick pan), coat the bottom with olive oil.  Once pan is hot place chicken in pan.  Once that side is browned, flip and cook on the other side.  Spoon salad onto your plate and place cooked chicken on the side.  Cut chicken in pieces, sprinkle with shaved parmesan cheese and croutons.  Top with creamy Caesar dressing.

chicken salad

It’s that simple!  The blend of the mixed greens, with the hint of fresh garlic and scallions gives this salad much flavor.  The avocado gives that special kick and the chicken is juicy and extremely flavorful with the combined tuscan and caesar flavors.  Lots of protein packed in this simply delicious dish.  As always cooking is easy with “TLC”!  

chicken salad1

Peachy Pico

Happy Cinco de mayo! ! Having margaritas tonight? Make a bowl of this delicious dip to get the party started

VivaLaVintage - For Your Home


It’s the heart of the summer  and all the fruits of your labor appears.  The garden goodies planted in the spring begins to blossom and everything is ripe for the picking.

My neighbor’s garden has been bursting with fresh tomatoes and peaches so I decided to make a Pico De Gallo dip.  If you’re a salsa lover, then this is sure to please.  It’s a delicious Mexican uncooked salsa dip.

Ingredients:  2 tomatoes   2 peaches  1 garlic clove  6 slices of jalapeno peppers  1/4 cup chopped sweet onion   juice of 1 lime  few sprigs of fresh cilantro  1 tsp kosher salt

Chop all ingredients and mix together.  Add lime juice and sprinkle in salt.  Stir and serve.  The flavors blend well and the peaches add a summery sweet flavor to the dip.  Serve with your favorite tortilla chips or in a garden salad.  So go grab your Corona and…

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