Salmon Swirls

Got company coming??  Whip up a batch of these crowd-pleasers to get the party started.

These little appetizers are easy and you can make plenty using one can of salmon and these simple ingredients.

1 can of salmon deboned  (I get mine from Cosco -Kirkland brand is already de-boned and skinless

2 tblspn sliced/diced jalapeno pepper

1/2 tblspn of the jalapeno pepper liquid

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

4 oz cream cheese

flour tortillas

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Drain salmon and empty into medium size mixing bowl. Add the remaining ingredients and stir.  Ok.. now.. if you like spicy.. add more jalapenos.. (which is what I like – so I always start with 2 tblspns then I add a little at a time to get the spicy desire I want.  Scoop some and spread on a tortilla.

Roll and slice them to your desired thickness.  Place on baking sheet and bake approximately 5-7 mins or until the tortillas feel a bit firm

Remove and serve hot.. Then start popping them in your mouth..

I hope you enjoy these delicious appetizers as much as we do..As always cooking is good with a little “TLC” – TwinsLuvCooking


What I’m Diggin’

One thing I’ve often said is music is so much a part of my life and I love sharing it.. Which is why sometimes I’ll do a post with a song to reflect what or how I’m feeling.  Not sure if you listen to any of them, if so, that’s great to hear, if not, it’s cool.. Not everyone digs music.. (Yea, I still use the old school lingo “Dig” chuckles.. Ooops, I just gave away my age.. (I’m a ’60’s baby).  Not sure if you know the music of Cassandra Wilson.  She’s a jazz singer and I truly adore her style and cultural bohemian vibe.   When I listen to her my mind wonders to some exotic places where I can admire different textures and styles pulled together to create that Afro-centric flair..  Here are some images I captured to share with you…









Which brings me to feature the home of someone who is dear to me… My aunt – we lovingly refer to as “Pookie”.  Her home is filled with such cultural vibes and exotic touches..and she is a die-hard DIYer and thrifter.  On my trip home last week I visited her and when I walked in I immediately said.. I wanted to welcome you into her home so… Welcome to Pookie’s Paradise…

When you enter, your eyes are greeted by the African mask displayed inside a wooden textured oval frame.  I remember when she got the frame.. We were all at a flea market and a man had a truck load of huge frames he was needing to get rid of.. what luck we had that day..the only unlucky part was our truck wasn’t big enough to take all of but we all managed to score at least two each  :-) .

She’s not one to fuss with long drapery, and loves to expose her bay windows and let all the sunshine in, so she opted to Go-Green to cover her windows.. I’m totally envious of her green thumb.. (but thankfully it’s starting to rub off on me).  These are all her babies she meticulously takes care of.  Some of which she’s had for over 20 years..

To your right you’ll spot this cozy corner which has a few collectibles she’s had for decades, like the hand carved wooden statue.. A snazzy, cool find she picked up in St. Marteen

And if you eyes caught the painting – like mine- guess what — she’s the artist.. She painted that approximately 40 years ago..It’s called Crying Heart and totally LOVE IT!!

Resting on her coffee table is another hand carved wooden sculpture that she picked up in the Caribbean.

Every little corner is influenced with cultural accents..

Step to her outdoor living space and this is the showpiece in her garden.  The outdoor faux “fireplace”.  This is a curbside find and her creative juices flowed and this is what she did with it.


And at night.. look how it’s lit up.. and no it’s not a real fire, it’s red lights inside to create the fire effect.  Isn’t it fab..

This space is called the Hobbit Hole.. chuckles.. (how cute)…

The stained glass has an image that looks sort of  like a bug…  and the fox and midget chair are perfect accents for a hobbit..

She’s got little pockets of garden candy all around her yard and you can see more here.  But before you go, I’d like to introduce you to the lovely lady behind the home of Pookie’s Paradise..

That’s my aunt and I love her and the home she and her husband, Clay made.  It’s one you just kick your shoes off, sit back, relax and enjoy all the good food, music and cultural vibes they share.  I can’t wait to go back to visit again.  If you enjoyed this post and missed my other “Inspired by Music” posts you can see more here.   Until next time – Smooches!!





Friday Feature

I get excited when I find another blogger who I just love what they do.  Are you that way too?  That’s why I decided to do Friday Features on the blog once or twice a month.  I’m not one to constantly change decor, but I love when I see what others do, so I live vicariously watching their site.  My first feature is with Nicole over at DesignItVintage.  Nicole, like me, love vintage items and seeing them restored or refinished. What caught my eye on her site was her foyer makeover.  My mouth dropped when I saw and read what she did .  She took her foyer from this;



To this!   She started with paint and a stencil and the rest is history.  I absolutely give her a round of  applause




She did this with gold paint and a large stencil..remarkable.. I give major props to her on creating this stunning grand foyer.


Gorgeous isn’t it… Nicole has so many other projects that are equally beautiful.. Hop over to her blog, sit back and enjoy the ooo and ahhh moments like I did…  Tell her Jamala sent you  :-)

Have a great weekend and remember – Go ahead, decorate and Get Inspired!




Inspired By!

Hey, hey!! I hope all is well with you and you’re keeping cool.. It’s been blazing here in SC.. and it’s not even Summer yet — Good grief.. the HEAT IS ON!  I’ve been doing a bit of relaxing since the yard sale last week and started reading the Ebook by Kia Salter @ House of KTS.    I’m so glad she created this to share her tips of the trade with us.  Thanks Girl – So far so good!!   Then there was another quick project I wanted to get done – which I did and want to share with you.  I know you’re probably wondering “Where is the freaking chair??? LOL!! I know – I know… but my instructor took ill again.. poor thing.. she suffers badly with rheumatoid arthritis and has not been up to par.. and we are down to the last stretch.  But she says next week so.. in the meantime, I’m busying myself in the garden and other little projects.   If you remember I had this old lamp around and used it for a quick hat stand to display my vintage hats earlier…

I thought I’d use it in the boutique but then another idea hit me…I’ve been wanting to make this planter ever since I saw it posted here.  While cleaning out the garage for the yard sale I found some of the glass shades that didn’t sell before and bingo!  It hit me.. do the project.  I used the super glue E6000 and boy does that stuff work!

I used a Rustoleum spray paint in mint green and lime green to give it a new look.  Attached the shades with the glue and filled with dirt and plants.. and voila!  It’s a Planterabra now!



I used plants I already had around – and these are succulents so they won’t be needing much water (and if you’re new here you can see the transformation of the bistro set here)

So basically this project only cost the price of the glue..

It can even be a really cool centerpiece as well for a garden party.  This project was extremely easy and I’m glad The Red Head gave me an even better inspiration on how to use this old lamp.  I’ve been wanting a new edition to the She-Rest Haven and this was the perfect added touch.

It sits on the corner shelf adding just a touch of elegance to blend with the bohemian ambiance

I’m glad I decided to hang the macrame planter (another thrifty find for $1.00) in there.

This plant here, I have to give myself a pat on the back about.. It’s my pineapple plant – grown from the top of a pineapple.  I tried my luck last year and so far – its hanging in there.. so – Woohooo to me!!


I just did a few simple changes and this Haven is ready – so let the CHILLAXIN’ BEGIN!!


(I’m contemplating on painting the cushions… another blog-buddy did hers and they look great – so I’m thinking.. will keep you posted on it of course) …  But for now.. tah-tah… and remember Go for it! Create and get Inspired..Smooches!

G.O.T – Got me Hooked!



Ok, this is going to be a silly post but hey, I’m a silly girl at times. After Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones- Dance of the Dragons (click link watch the 8-min clip) I decided to showcase  home decor Dragon themes (since that’s who I’m rooting for).  Are any of my readers a GoT’er?  If so, do you feel me with this??!!  Was the last 5 mins totally awesome or what!!!!

My twin got me hooked on Game of Thrones when she decided to do a yard theme based on the series.  I became intrigued when she chose the words: We are in the North, I give you The Hound and The Night’s Watch who serve and protect The Realm.  hmmmm… ok… sounds interesting…

Here is the clip of her G.O.T Yard Theme



Ok… I’m kinda feeling this… chuckles…

Now you know we can’t have dragons for real, but I thought I’d play around with a bit of Dragon decor, in my mind…Check out this fantastic wall mural blended with the beautiful sofa… Awesome isn’t it!



This luxury room has a tiny taste of the dragon by using this simple statue as an accent piece



Back to another fierce wall decal blended with a white sofa and red pillow for that touch of fire



Pure elegance is this black and white dragon theme – (I could see me with this for sure)



Even this simple oil burner is a cute little touch for the room.. (not too gawdy)



But for the bold statement  – go all the way up the wall of the fireplace



These blue and white hand-painted vases are beautiful touches to add as well



I can even see adding this in the bath as another simple touch



and not to mention in the Garden



But this one took the throne (a sculpted dragon bush- WOW)



Ok, now I’m all dragoned out.. lol.. but I just thought I’d get this one catch my drift on this.  As you see, I can’t wait till Sunday for the season final episode.. Uggghhhh and it won’t be back till next year.  Way tooooo long..  (at least I get to watch the series all over again) .. Hope you enjoyed my Game of Thrones tribute..


Sip Appeal

It’s that season to hang out with your friends and do some outdoor entertaining and the bar cart is the central station for hosting that event.  After all, that’s where you’ll find the drinks.  All these carts featured here are perfectly styled for hosting that afternoon soiree to have a few “toast it ups” for the day.



And so are the ones here:


Remember the bar cart I bought here?  Well, that poor little darling has taken a bit of a beating over the past two years.  It suffered slight weather damage and I’ve been trying to decide if I want to paint it or refinish it.

The wood is discolored and the brass is very dull.  Dilemnas, dilemnas, until the generosity of my blogger/friend Ginene, over at Fox and Finch Antiques introduced me to New Life Mask.  She used it on her beautiful Edwardian child’s chair.  Not only was the upholstery fantastic, but the wood was refinished beautifully.  So, I figured I’d give it a try on this bar cart.  See how bad the wood was discolored.

Ginene was right about how easy it was.. (ubelievably easy).  Apply the mask on the wood and rub in, let it sit about 5 mins and wipe off.  Then follow up with the moisturizer.  Do you see the difference it made so far..

I was like “OH YEA!!”… this is my kind of refinishing.   Then I used Rustoleum brass spray paint to make the brass shine again. And now the bar cart is back with complete Sip Appeal!

I can’t get over how easy this project was.. by far was one of the quickest.  The hardest part was taping.

I think it looks better than when I first bought it.  And to think I was dreading another tedious project..  Ginene, I can’t thank you enough for your kind heart and generosity.  This bar cart is finished and back to having Sip Appeal

Just in time because my girls are here for the big yard sale and we’ll have a little chill time after our day is over.


Have you gotten your bar cart ready for entertaining??  If not… get ready because Summer is here!





Friday Finds

The time is approaching again for our town’s 2nd Annual I-2-I 49 Mile Yard Sale and needless to say I’m excited about it.  Last week I had the privilege (as HE called it – WHAT EVAH!) to accompany the hubby on one of his annual golf tournaments in Tennessee.  I’d never been to Tennessee and thought it’d be fun to go thriftin’.. I mean let’s face it.. I have no real interest in golf – but I was totally excited to see what I’d find in another state.  So I googled the thrift stores in the area.. and LUCKED UP..  Too bad we didn’t bring a truck, because I’ve got some goodies to show you…here are some of the items I found..

Item #1  – This pair of wooden/rattan end tables… for a whopping $20.00


Item #2 – this vintage wooden lamp – $10.99  (WOW)


Item #3 – a vintage club chair.. $28.99  (What a Steal!!)


Item #4 – another chair.. this little find could use a cleaning, but no tears and guess what – $14.99


Item #5 – it must be chair season.. because look at this chair.. $48.99



Item #6 was this ultra comfy sofa in the most prettiest soft bluish grey color for $164


This was fun trip and I look forward to going again..(of course I got that “Oh brother” look from him – but do I care- NOPE!) I’ve got a few more items to show that I brought home and I’ll show those next Friday.

If you’re in the area.. Come on the thrifting trail at the 49mile yard sale.. You never know what you’ll find..

Now, if only I can get lucky with the winning lottery numbers and pick some good numbers I’d really be a happy camper.. In the meantime..



Eclectic Seating Area

As you all may know – I’ve been fiending over the Mad Men series.. loving the mid-century designs.  I’m a 60’s child and growing up around some of those items I didn’t pay too much attention but I clearly remember seeing them.  Now that I’m much older I realize the beauty of those pieces.  Makes me want to re-design my home, and since I want to stay alive (the hubby would kill me – lol) .. I’ll just create a dream board.. (until I finally make up  my mind – that is).  I don’t have an full office so I decided to start with a seating area.  I imagine having this space with floor to ceiling windows and a great view.

OB-Chairish Project

Everything you see here is from a website called Chairish.  I love this site because it offers so many different items to choose from.  It’s truly their motto – “Where Design Lovers Buy & Sell”   I had so much fun putting this look together that I believe I’ll be doing more.  I love playing around with different looks, textures, styles and designs.  With the plethora of items Chairish offers, you could really go design-happy-crazy.  I even incorporated a couple of items sold through our Pieces of Time Shop.  To view more of their items, click here to their Mid-Century Modern Collection.  This collection features clean design, beautiful woods like teak, and graphic patterns all combine to make Mid-Century Modern pieces forever classics. With iconic makers such as Adrian Pearsall, Herman Miller and Milo Baughman, fans of this style can easily find vintage couches, used lounge chairs and pre-loved artwork to enhance their interiors.

Let’s look at the items I chose..   I chose this chair because I love the shape and two-tone fabric.  It looks so comfy, makes me want to plop down in them and cross a leg.



Who doesn’t remember the tension rod lighting… Isn’t this a sweetie with bit of a bohemian flair.  This item is currently listed in Pieces of Time through Chairish.




Next is the credenza.. The sleekness of this piece has a timeless style of appeal.  Perfect for a flat stand TV or




Hang a vintage painting, like this hand painted bridge, over it. Also, sold by Pieces of Time through Chairish



What home seating area  wouldn’t be complete without a bar area.  I truly like how this can double as space for your bar set and yet you can hide either books, papers (or the good stuff – lol), etc… in the other compartment



And of course you have to have a complete bar set.. !



A stylish space also has to have a stylish clock.. And these are making a great comeback (I clearly remember my parents had one of these in their bedroom.. ugggghhhh where is it!!???)



A sleek coffee table with a few accessories


21e74e59-89a4-423b-81b4-12b104ee30a4    34d5c27f-867c-4441-b65f-af480d5a1c1eashtray   Even the ashtrays were stylish back then..I don’t smoke but I’d sure have one just for show.  And with all that light, I’d have to have a few plants and this planter is the perfect one

aff6ebd3-caa0-4c3d-9ffe-87e05ae2932b   I know I probably chose the another decorative piece for the credenza, but being a GoT’er (Game of Thrones) I wanted to throw in the dragons.. (love their fierceness)



So with all these simple pieces – I created an eclectic seating area for myself.

OB-Chairish Project

I hope you enjoyed my imaginary design I created through Chairish.  Hop over to the site, create one and share it with me.. I’d love to see what you create.  Have fun, go forth and create.. Smooches!


Baked Salmon w/Honey Mustard Cream Sauce

Hey Lovies!!  I have a very delicious recipe for the salmon lovers. trust me.. this dish is sure to please.  The best part is – it’s so easy..  I have to give kudos to a dear friend of ours, Larry.  After tasting it –  I knew I had to share it with you – his was very delicious, but I made a just a couple of simple changes  (added the “TLC” touch)


1 slab of fresh salmon

1 cup of heavy cream

2 tblspn dijon  mustard

3 tblspn honey

Zatarains blackened seasoning (Larry used cayenne pepper)

Garlic powder

Rinse salmon and pat dry.  Place in the baking dish and generously coat the salmon with the blackened seasoning on both sides and rub in.   Sprinkle lightly with the garlic powder on both sides and rub in.


In a small sauce pan, bring heavy cream to a bubble, reduce heat and add Dijon mustard and honey.  Reduce flame and let simmer approximately 10 mins.   Taste a little dab to be sure you taste the honey and mustard, making sure it’s not overpowering.

Pour cream over the salmon, cover and bake approximately 20 mins (or until salmon is done)

See how simple that was!!   As always – It’s “T.L.C”  TwinsLuvCooking!

We’d like to say thanks to Larry.   I hope you make it and if so..holla at your girls!



Deer Me



One of the hottest trendy items is the deer antlers.  Their shapes are like art sculptures and not to mention they’ve come a long way in decor.  I was never one to like a deer head poking out of the wall (kinda creepy to me – being a city girl and all) but I always did like the shape of the antlers.  The shapes, sizes, color actually gives them quite a decor sex appeal.  They’ve become so versatile with decorating your home, and I’ve been wanting some.  I’ve been eyeing them for a while, but those trendy items come with large price tag.  Here are some examples how you can incorporate them in your decor.

Here, they are used as tie-backs which is fantastic break from the norm!



Take a mirror to another step higher and enhance the frame



If you have 3 antlers, you can create this exquisite light fixture


Or if you like shabby chic, give them a white-wash to create this look.



Grouped together with a touch of metallic paint makes these antlers appear to be hands cradling a candle



Or how about make a beautiful art statement



I absolutely love the garden chandelier created using the antlers here:



And lastly, you can simply have them around for that pop of color (like Moi)




I’ve heard people say “if it’s free – it’s probably not worth having”.  Well – that’s not how I see it and it definitely is not a true statement.  I got  phone call from someone who told me they just cleaned out a house and there was  dresser I might like (thanks Maria!).  The house had been fire damaged and they were taking all the items out.  When I rode up to it, at first glance I didn’t see anything I’d want, but I figured let me get out the car and poke around..low and behold.. BAMBI on a mount was sticking straight up.  Perfect timing.. She was stained from the black smoke.  But after spending two weeks on the back of the hubby’s truck, the rain washed that away.  Bambi  didn’t stand a chance..  I want those antlers! My son got a saw and went to town.


I figure they’d make a nice prop piece in my outdoor space.


They were so black I had to give them three coats to cover.  But it’s all good..   It’s funny how in this position it looks like a finger snap on two thumbs up!  I’ll take a freebie ANYDAY!

You can view more of my Deer Me inspiration board here.  Remember you can follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!




Moms Are So Special

Today and Everyday Moms Are Special People!!  I want to wish all my Special Moms a very Happy Mother’s!!!

My mother, whom I put on a pedestal for her unconditional, undying love and support she continues to have for her children and grandchildren, God could not have blessed our family with a more precious woman. We love her so very much.  Through her I learned how to become the best mom for my children.

Today is the calendar day that we are acknowledged for all we do.. but Everyday is Mothers Day and I thank God for blessing me with that privilege.  Enjoy Celebrating Your Special Day

The Making of a Chair

I have to laugh at myself because here I am thinking “Oh gee- it would be wonderful to learn how to     re-upholster- then I could do this as a side gig and create beautiful things -UHHH – YEA RIGHT!!   HELLO!!  and BABY BYE!!  LOL   This is one lesson learned and it only took one class to learn it – “SHYT AIN’T EASY!”… .. that I got that off my chest.. moving right along..  Let me refresh your memory of my forever project…

Looks simple right… (boy did this fool me)..  but..Ok.. I finally had a spare weekend to sand the base of the chair.. the wood was so scarred and needed some  attention.   My goal was to make it look like this


Dream on….dreamer…   Alarm clock went off and Time to wake up….

I sanded the best I could (I’ve got bad hands..)

This is a closer view of the wood

could you believe all these bangs and bruises. on this beautiful wood…  smh.. HOW???

Re-staining was my intent then I realized.. I’d have to do a lot more sanding… so I opted for a new look..

Why not go GLAM!

It was a bold move to do that, but after seeing it with the fabric.. I think it was the best choice.  I really like the new color and it’s going to give this chair a sleeker look and will enhance the fabric.  It’s almost done.. I promise it’ll be finished before Christmas.. chuckles.. sike… no it’s going to be finished next week.. Yayyyyy!!  So.. stay tuned….

Tah-tah everyone…