Old Chair New Life

What do you do with a chair no one wants?  Well ask me that question and my answer is keep it!  That’s exactly what I did with my new addition.  Like an unwanted puppy, I decided to be her new owner.  Give her love and affection and breathe new life in her just like I did Clarissa (and still working on Don).

I decided to do some research on this chair and found it’s a Louis XV style Fauteuil armchair.  These chairs were beginning to be made in the 1600’s and were considered French by Royal Design and was designed with a woman’s figure in mind, by having delicate curves.  The backs were round for the softness of the woman’s shoulders and the carvings were considered the ornaments (like a woman wears jewelry).   This particular chair was made during the turn of the 19th century (between 1880 – 1900).  The chair had it’s original needlepoint fabric, however, as you see, it pretty much took a beating.  But, one thing for sure, she’s a real McCoy, a Louis XV french chair.  So, I’m thrilled that I couldn’t sell it for the mere $25.00 I was asking for it at the yard sale.    The average price for these chairs is $500.00, so yes, she is definitely worth investing in.  I’m going to name her Kittra.  Luckily, the frame was strong, but the wood stain was a bit drab.  I decided to paint the frame using Martha Stewart antique gold (please don’t squeal :-) )

The gold paint gives it a new look, without taking away from the beauty and not making it gawdy.

For the fabric, I chose a soft chenile pile white fabric and wanted to incorporate cheetah print with it.  I also wanted the authenticity of the chair to remain intact, so I had the upholsterer keep the straw stuffing but add enough cushion for a better seat.  Keep in mind that if you ever get a chair or sofa and discover it’s an antique, it’s always best to preserve some of its history.

Here’s Kittra’s new look


Time to bring her home and find a space for her.



I’m in the process of making a few changes in the living room, nothing big, but changing up the wall color and adding a few reupholstered items.  But for now, she’ll rest here.  I was just so excited with her new look I wanted to share it with you.


I’ve never used white before on furniture, and now that we’re empty nesters and no little ones around, I thought I’d give it a whirl (for at least one piece) and the cheetah print has always been my fettish.  I plan to add a bit more of that around.  I hope you like Kittra’s new look as much as I do.  Have you done a makeover lately?  I’d love to hear all about it.  Until next time, Happy hunting and enjoy thrifting your house into a home!  Smooches




Right Time Right Moment

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining my hubby on his yearly golfing trip. Well before we left, I did a quick search for thrift stores and shopping centers that were in the Daytona area, and saw they had a few, so, at least I could have something to keep me busy. Luckily I had the wheel during the wee hours of the morning.  The roads were empty and my eyes could wander a bit.  Well I spotted a few thrift stores and a Goodwill along the way to the hotel.  Naturally I couldn’t wait to get there the next day.  Well my friends… let me tell you… That was THEEE Best Goodwill I have EVER, EVER,(pause-roll the head) EVAH been to.  OH MY GOSH!  This was a true “being at the right place at the right time” moment for me.  Ok.. talk about luck – I had to pinch myself..  Me and my aunt walked in the store and I notice how neat and clean it was (and got even more excited) walking past the registers I look up at the top of the racks and spot some crystal wine decanters, and walked towards them, but then low and behold I spotted some bee-u-tiful barware.  I made a mad dash to them.  I couldn’t believe it.. They were the exact ones I’ve been watching and wanting.  I told my aunt stand right there and guard them while I run to get a cart.  She started laughing at me – because she couldn’t believe my excitement.  She said – “Girl, you’re acting like you found gold” I told her I did!!   Look what I found!!!!

A complete set of Culver “Valencia” barware.  What makes this glass set special is it’s embellished in 22kt gold and it’s their most popular design that ever sold.   Culver glass company was founded in 1939 by Irving Rothenberg in Brooklyn, NY.  The company later relocated to my nearby hometown Rahway, NJ in 1980 and remained there under the realm of Mark “Mickey” Rothenberg, who took over the company in 1987  after his father, Irving, passed away.  Mark ran the company until he sold it in 1996 to Moderne Glass Company, Inc. He then headed another glass company until his death on 9/11 – he was one of the passengers on the hijacked Newark-to-San-Francisco flight that crashed in Pennsylvania.  Known for lavish designs, many embellished with 22-karat gold, the company gained notoriety and its products became highly collectible.  For the most part, Culver did not begin producing gold embellished glass until the late 50’s and much of their pieces made prior to this time, are unsigned, unlabeled and often difficult to identify.

In the early 60s, Culver perfected the (still secret process) of high heat firing, 22k Gold onto their fine glassware, allowing for thick, textured, gold & rhinestone displays, that better handled the test of time. Wealth was abundant in the US, and opulence was equally embraced, with the sleek, Mid Century Modern / Futurist Atomic Age styles, more commonly associated with the time, and business soared.

With the release of the Valencia pattern, popularity exploded & soon Culver was considered the wedding gift of the “Up and coming”, becoming available in the finest department stores. The process of high heat firing 22k Gold onto the glass for permanence, was kept close to the vest by the family & employees.

So you see, I did find gold!  I couldn’t wait to get them to their new home displayed on my bar cart

They added the perfect touch to the cart


The cute pineapple hand towel was a gifted item I’ve had for years.

The brass pineapple was an estate sale find for a mere $8.00 (woohoo) and my girlfriend spotted the cheetah print napkins and she said they had my name all over them :-)  (Thanks Kimmy!)

The vintage emerald green decanter- another yard sale find for $5.00 enhances the jewel tone of the glassware and the silver bar accessories were caught at the same estate sale for $4.00.

Now the story starts with me watching this barware on Chairish.  I was holding off buying them until after some upcoming travel plans.  I’m so glad I did, because I was able to snag this 13-piece set for $32.00.  I would have kicked myself if I’d bought them before.  My stylish bar cart look is complete and all done with thrift store, yard sale and estate sale finds.  Now let’s get our “Drink On!!”

I had to give my hubby one big kiss (one for winning the tournament and one for bringing me :-) )

If you liked these glasses check out more of them on my Pinterest Board “Fancy Glass” and follow along. Happy hunting and remember – you, too, can thrift your house into a home!  Cheers



*ps.. the Culver glass history was retrieved from Collectors Weekly and you can read more about it here:

Forever Hydrangeas

While everyone is displaying all the pretty mums, pansies and lilacs for fall, I’m still admiring my Forever Hydrangea plant. While I lived up north, I was never the green-thumb gardener, but I remember falling in love with the Hydrangea flowers.  I would pass by houses with the beautiful blue, purple, green and mauve color bushes and say to myself “one day I’ll have those”.   I have to admit – I use to wait till night fall to sneak and clip a few – like a bandit in the night wearing a handkerchief and baseball cap  ..(lol- I know- shame on me).  When I moved south, those were the first things I planted.  Needless to say the first couple of years I was not very successful at growing them.  So I kinda gave up.  But throughout the years, one bush managed to stay strong.  I couldn’t believe it and I’m just tickled pink happy.  With all the rain, this one bush, which is planted right outside my bedroom window, is still blooming.  Every morning after I rise, I take a peak just to catch a  quick glance at my beautiful blossom buddies.

Last week, I decided to take advantage and clip a few to dry out, so I can enjoy them until next summer.  To dry hydrangeas where they’ll maintain color is really simple.

FIRST: Cut a few of your beautiful blooms to display in a favorite vase.  Only cut the ones that have fully blossomed and appear to be almost dry (sort of like soft paper).  Remember to cut at a slant and lightly shake off the bugs.  Remove the green leaf – I left a couple on near the very top.  My first batch came to work with me to brighten my desk area.  The cute tray was a DIY you view here

The second batch was placed on the bar cart for some added color (can you believe how colorful they are in November??!)

SECOND:  Add water, but only about an inch up.  You don’t want the stems too deep in the water.  As the water slowly evaporates, the drying process will begin.  Once the water has completely evaporated, and the flowers feel dry, leave them in the vase for another day or two (or until the stems are completely dry).  This will take about 2-3 weeks so be patient and enjoy the color.

THIRD:   Your dried beauties are ready to be display in a fall basket:

Or create a bouquet.  Here I added them with pecans in a vase

The petals tend to darken a bit as they dry, which adds to the fall richness.  The olive green and lilac combinations are perfect fall accent colors.

Or use them with a fall centerpiece, like here:  I just added them on the corner of my simple table display.


These have the green and mauve tone colors which again, are rich with fall colors.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the having them lingering around my house till next year.  It’ll only remind me of how summer is to come.

So if you have a hydrangea bush still blooming, go ahead, pick a few to bring inside to create your own display.  I hope this post was helpful in drying out your flowers.  Until next time – continue to enjoy the Fall-bulous season.  Smooches!


Friday Feature

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve featured someone, and I apologize for that.  This past month I had a minor setback, but that’s over and now it’s time for me to get back on track.  I’m excited to introduce today’s Friday feature.  A few months ago I joined a Facebook group called The Thrifting Divas.  It’s a wonderful group of ladies who enjoy thrifting and showing off their “goodies”.  It’s mainly focused around fashion, however quite a few people also showcase their homes decorated with items they get while thrifting.  It was through that group I came across thrifting diva, Knetta Lilly, when she featured her beautiful dining room.  Look at her beautiful space:

My mouth dropped when I saw it and to learn she used thrifted items sweetened the whole look.  She stated the table, banquette seating, floor vases, mirrored buffet and lamps were all sourced from Craigslist.  She’s a great example if you look for items, and be patient- you’ll find them without spending a fortune.

Knetta has a passion for home decor, and use thrifted items to decorate her home and clients homes.  She feels you don’t have to be super rich to have a beautiful home and caters to all different budgets.   Here are few of her designs: She created this living room, by using sources like Craigslist and OfferUp.  The sofa, glass coffee table, round rug and Wingback acrylic chairs were all sourced from those sites.

For the bedroom, the thrifted items featured here are the curtain panels and ottoman (which is absolutely stunning).


She thrifted the mirror, console table and artificial tree to design this dramatic foyer featured here.


In this cozy quaint sitting area she thrifted the mirrors, table, pillows, chairs and the rug was sale item she snagged for $20.00 (kudos to her!!)


For a client she designed this dining area by hitting Craigslist for the table, buffet, and light fixture (I’ve got to get active with that site-do any of you use it?)

Last but not least, I have to show you one more fabulous room she created for another client


To create this swanky pad, she hit a hotel liquidation store and scooped the pin striped chairs and ottoman.  She scored again on Craigslist with the bar and glass top table.  For the bar she used her special touch by staining it black and added the marble top for a whole new look.  The fancy red mirror was silver and she painted it for a pop of color.  She finished the look with custom pillows she made and this room was finished with one happy client.   So you see why I was so excited about today’s feature.  There’s a lot of excitement and enthusiasm amongst home decorators in this group and now Knetta has created her own FB Group Cents Savvy Home.   Knetta Lilly, who is the owner and Principal Designer for K Lilly Interiors, LLC., a residential interior decorating firm in Atlanta, Georgia.  Her site was created to showcase low – priced and second-hand home decor furnishings and accessories that she have sourced in and around Atlanta. Most of these furnishings have been sourced from Craigslist, OfferUp, garage sales and/or thrift stores. She, too, believes your home can look high-end without the expensive price tag. The site allows for its members to post home decor furnishings and accessories that they find and/or post rooms that have been designed with thrifted decor.  So, come join and  “Let’s Have Fun with Cents Savvy Home Decor!”

I’ll look to see you there!  Until next time – happy hunting! Smooches😘

Too Cute for Smokes

I know you’re probably wondering what’s up with that title…right? Well, this is why I gave it such a title.  Lately I’ve really been eyeing vintage ashtrays.  I’m not a smoker, never have been, but looking at these cutey pies would make me feel classy if I did. Vintage ashtrays are truly works of pottery art and were/are used as home decor items.  When manufacturers began making them they were originally made for a purpose but seeing them, I just can’t imagine dumping ashes inside these beauties.


The colors are just so vibrant and strong.  Each of these are crafted to perfection, and all are American made pottery.  I see the Autumn colors like Orange, Brown, Green were very strongly used, although many come in a different array of colors.





Then the designed was stepped up a notch by creating the hanging ashtray.. This one is gorgeous!

Look at the marbling that was created for this snail-shape ashtray

These are so darling because they have their own cigarette compartment



These leaf patterns are absolutely stunning..

Then you have the standing ashtrays..  Those are in itself chic furniture pieces



Ok, so do you feel me on this.. These are just too gosh darn cute to use for ashes. I could clearly see using these as decorative pieces, perhaps candy dishes, jewelry trays or key dishes, but definitely not ashes. To read more about vintage ashtrays and designers visit The Big Ashtray Museum  and also follow my “For Smokes” Pinterest board to see more of my favorites.  I hope you enjoyed my picks and perhaps you’ll be adding these swanky pieces to your home decor.      For now.. Tah-tah.  Smooches

Salmon Cakes & Aioli


It’s Friday and if you’re like me, I try to spend as little time as possible  in the kitchen.  Traditionally speaking Friday is fish day, so I figure I’d share this easy recipe with you.  A while back I posted my recipe for Salmon cakes, and I normally have them with a salad.  Lately, I’ve been wanting to try them with a cream sauce to make a delicious Salmon burger.  After trial and error, I found the right aioli to dress my burger.  First let’s re-visit the salmon cake recipe:

Salmon Cake

1 16oz can of Alaskan Salmon  (I use Kirkland brand at Costco – already deboned)

1/4 cup chopped green bell pepper

1/4 cup chopped onion

2 1/2 tblspn Ole Bay Seasoning

1/3 tsp garlic powder

1/3 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp of paprika

1/4 tsp black pepper

4 lrge eggs well beaten

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In a medium mixing bowl, empty entire contents of salmon (do not drain).  Remove bone cartilage. Flake the contents and add the spice ingredients along with peppers and onions.  Stir until all is blended.  Lastly, add well beaten eggs to the batter.  The batter should have a very loose consistency (if not – add another beaten egg). In a medium frying pan coat the bottom with olive oil to about 1/4 inch.  Heat oil for frying (careful not to burn oil).  Scoop out batter and place into pan ( I use an ice cream scooper because it makes the perfect size pattie) and gently pat down to form pattie.  Fry until the edges begin to brown.  Flip and continue to fry until the other side is browned.  Remove and repeat with the remaining batter adding olive oil as needed.  Set aside and keep warm


1 cup Hellman’s mayonnaise

1 1/2 tblspn lemon juice

1 1/2 tbspn dijon mustard

1 tblspn sweet relish

1 tsp dried tarragon

1 small clove of garlic (minced) or (1/4 tspn garlic powder)

Put all ingredients into a small mixing bowl and stir to blend together.

For making a burger, use Aioli instead of mayonnaise, top with romaine lettuce and tomato – or simply use it as a topping for your salmon cakes. Either way, it’s going to be delicious.


Serve warm and enjoy… mmmmm.. don’t they look scrumptious..  :-)


As always, Cooking is easy with “TLC” – TwinsLuvCooking!


Guests Are Coming

The holidays are approaching and I’m sure you’re going to have guests.  Today I’d like to share a few tips to prepare for their arrival.  Aside from the usual dusting.(lol).. it’s always good to refresh the sheets.  I always give them a quick spray with  a favorite linen spray.

Have a welcoming station nearby to show them how happy you are to have them.   I created this with two unused items I had lying around the house.  This little project cost me $3.50 to make – you can view how to here


I leave a spare key for them to use (just in case I’m not home and they need to get back in)


Utilize the dresser drawer space for spare toiletries.



(don’t think I’m crazy, but yes, that’s a burned out candle) I keep that tucked in there, because even though I can no longer use it, the smell is still strong, so it acts a freshener ( I remove it prior to the guest arrive and place it back in there when they’re gone).  That one candle keeps all the drawers smelling fresh.


One special touch is to get a photo of who’s coming (if you have one) and place it in frame, it’ll make them smile when they see a photograph of themselves in your home.


Have ample room for them to place their luggage.  A trunk at the foot of the bed is always good to have to stow the pillows and for guests to place the suitcase on.


A small bedside lamp or overhead lighting with a low watt bulb is always good at night when the ceiling light is too bright.


A soft bedskirt placed across the end of the bed can also be a foot-warmer for additional comfort.


Keep a trinket dish on the nightstand to hold small jewelry items (i.e rings, necklace)

Of course having magazines or books are also good to have for late night reading materials.  I really enjoy having guests come and truly cherish the moments while they’re here. Making guests as comfortable as possible and providing that home-away-from home feeling not only gives me joy, but knowing I made their stay a pleasurable experience,which ensures they’ll be happy to come back.


I hope I offered some wonderful tips that will help you make your guest’s stay with you all the better.  If you have any other tips, please share – I’d love to hear them.

Sending smooches..









Gift Winner!

Hey everyone, I want to thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.  It really made my day even more special.  I’ve gotten over the feeling “50” blues and danced my way around the house!  Except now I just take a couple more breaks than before – lol! Okay, now getting to the point.. I just want to take a quick moment to announce the winner of the signed print.

Thank you all for participating in the giveaway – and Linda- Enjoy your art :-)

I hope it brings a subtle smile when you think of me and our blogging memories.  Linda blogs at Lindaglovinghome.  Please visit her blog for more beautiful inspirational ideas and sewing tips to decorate and love your home.

Once again, thank you all for the birthday wishes and I’ll see you in the next post.



Birthday Gift


Hello, hello, hello.. I’m not sure if I should be feeling excited or miserable.  I’ve got mixed feelings… I guess you’re wondering why?? Well, by the time you read this.. I just reached my 50th Plateau!

uggghhhh.. mind you I’m always happy and very thankful to see another birthday, but good-gosh do they have to come so quickly ??? Yikes  :-(   where did the time go…  But Ok… enough of the pity-party – Yes- I’m happy-  It’s my birthday and  guess what?? Some lucky reader will get a gift too! (I wish I could give each of you a gift) but unfortunately, only one lucky reader this time.

Now let me tell you about my birthday gift.  Last year I went to the Gullah Festival in Charleston, SC.  I came upon an artist name Patricia, I saw her work and adored it.  Her use of vibrant colors and bold strokes caught my eye.  When I actually took the time to speak with Patricia, she was one of the most pleasant ladies I’d met. Patricia and her daughter, Faridah established Sabree’sArt Gallery, and they are truly a pair of warm and friendly people.  Honestly speaking, that was partly the reason I decided to buy her art. Here are some of the pieces I loved by her:








I had to come home with one… and this is the painting I chose.. (although it didn’t technically come home with me that day..Thankfully, she had a payment plan and I jumped on it..)   :-)  

This painting is called “Version of Self” and I’m the proud owner of the original painting :-).  This was my 50th Birthday gift from me to me.  :-) .  One splurge per decade I think is allowable (right??)

“A Version of Self”-  Thy self has chosen to experience all versions. May she be a conscious witness of herself, who is highlighted amongst this reality. Life’s own music elevated her here. May she collect the notes of her own album. Her previous foot steps recommends her return. To have thought to see just how the water glistens like pearls… To have guessed that the waves awaken by thy presence… To have misunderstood the palms’ distractions made it clear to see all of self’s relation to the source.
After reading that…I felt that was perfect for me.
And this my dear friends is the gift to the lucky winner!  A signed 12×18 print of “Test the Waters”

“Test the Waters”  – How many times have we sat on the shoreline watching our lives drift pass us much like pebbles floating precariously across the sand? In the piece entitled, “Test the Waters,” a beautiful graceful young woman is contemplating taking a chance on following her dreams, but in the back of her mind she has fears of failure. Coming to the waters is her favorite spot due to its serenity. However, as long as she stays planted on the shoreline, she may never know how far her dreams will take her. To take a chance on living one’s dreams is a beautiful thing, yet most of us go through life day after day living our nightmares, instead of living our dreams. At the end of one’s life, the biggest risk is the one we don’t take.

And I chose this one because, I’m so glad I decided to “Test the Waters” of blogging.  I decided to not just be a blog reader and wondering if anyone will read mine or follow me, but instead I took the plunge and created VivaLaVintage.  It was one of the best decisions I made, and through my blog I’ve met so many wonderful people.  So, I’m sharing a piece of me to you through this piece of art.  So hopefully, whoever wins it, will think of me.   Click over to my Facebook page to enter the contest – and Good Luck!!

Time for me to go have cake!!  Yayyyy I get another Carvel Ice Cream Cake (I LOOOOOVE THOSE!!)

If you enjoyed her art, by all means, view the entire gallery here.. and let her know Jamala sent you :-)





The $1.00 Frame

Good morning and Happy Thursday! For those who watch- it’s the season premier of Scandal – so Gladiators get ready  :-)  wooohoooo!!!  So I’m keeping this short and sweet.. I’m so satisfied with my $1.00 frame from The Big Grab last week and I wanted to share my art that I framed in it.

A few months ago I found this original watercolor painting on Chairish and purchased it.  The artist painted it on hot press watercolor paper and I simply fell in love with the soft hues, gentle strokes and not to mention, the sheer beauty of the woman she painted.  I have to admit, lately I’ve been eyeing watercolor art  and I was very pleased when I found this piece.  (Isn’t it amazing how our taste changes as we get older)…

$1.00 frame7

On the reverse side of this particular painting are tile patterns inspired by the Azulejo ceramic tiles the artist fell in love with on a trip to Lisbon, Portugal. So it’s like I got two paintings for the price of one.

I tested my art in the frame it was slightly smaller than the opening.. So it would need another matte.  However, I wasn’t prepared to take it to get a matte.  So I decided to spray the cardboard a glossy black to create the black matte.  I used two small pieces of double-sided scotch tape to adhere the picture to the board (I didn’t want to use glue just in case I want to switch it around) and here’s how it looks framed..

I think it looks pretty good in this frame with the color contrast

The picture really pops on the black backdrop.

One thing for sure, it doesn’t look like a frame you’ll get at the Dollar Store for $1.00 and it finishes off this area quite nicely.

Don’t you just love when good bargain works out perfectly – Now I wish I would have gotten a couple more.. Oh well.. I blew it.. But glad this one didn’t get away.

Now you all enjoy your day and have a wonderful evening.  See you back here in an few days!

Tah-tah lovies!

My Big Grabs


This past weekend was The Big Grab Yard Sale and I had the most enjoyable time looking for bargains.  There were soooo many vendors – people selling sooooo many things.. OMG!  I was completely amazed at what I saw.  I’m not going to go on about the sale, but if you ever get a chance, it’s worth doing.  I will show you the goodie grabs I saw and the ones I came home with (as if I needed more.. good grief.. my husband is going to strangle me..lol.. we just cleaned out the garage – aye yai yai…  :-/

Ok.. first off.. this was my big score. I was totally, totally happy when my eyes spied this set.  

I’ve been wanting a wooden salad set but they’re so expensive..so I just gave up the desire, and made do with what I have..But NOW – I’m a salad making, salad eating happy camper.. If you remember, I lucked up and scored a salad spinner a few months back for $2.00 (Yippppeeee!) (and the best part, it was never used.. wow.) It was tagged for $15 but I got it for $12.00 (are you cheeesin’ like me?)

There was a vendor who had a box of frames with mattes and they were all $1.00, couldn’t let that pass me buy, so I got this one.

Mom got this one for her cruise picture.. (I put her picture in it for her – she couldn’t wait to get it in the frame :-) –  looks pretty darn good especially for $1.00

Next up.. I’ve been needing one of these too.. so for $5.00 – it came home with me.. (my next D.I.M.er – do it myselfer fixer upper – to make it pretty)

I need these like I need a hole in my head.. more music..but I couldn’t pass these up.. 7 cds for $10.00 (there were so many to choose from – so I had to narrow it down)

A good score I picked up for my brother – $15.00 ( YES!! $15.00).  He needed a TV stand so badly (I dare not even mention what he had his flat screen on – all I could imagine was it falling over.. yikes!!),  but again – way too expensive in the store.  So, this here baby was truly, truly a blessing for him.

This cute frame was being thrown away..Luckily I was standing there when the woman said toss it.. I couldn’t snatch it quick enough.. (could you imagine.. )  this will make a really cute mirror and it’s a perfect size to put in my office..

This one house had a few chairs out and I just walked up and was was looking at them.  They were tagged for $5.00 – not bad at all for 5 bucks.. but I didn’t need another chair to work on.. so as I began to walk away, the guy said.. listen.. take both of them – I told him naww.. I don’t need another chair..he said “no – I mean take them.. you can have them..!  I was like – WHAT!!  are you serious…he said yes.. I’ll help you load them. OMG.. I shook my head.. I mean- really?? can I get this lucky with the lottery as I am with junk..lol.. But anyway, I couldn’t get both in my SUV but I did get one.. this one..

I left this one behind… regretfully.. but oh well..- I feel like Ike in “What’s Love Got to Do With It”.. what I’mma do with one more chair..- lol


These pretty pink/green plates and napkins –  $3.00  –  they’ll come in handy for sure..

This planter was a whopping $0.50 cents.. How dare I walk away from this.. – unheard of

A lion’s head  – no way would I leave this behind.. yea it’s pretty beatup and rusted.. but so what..(that’s just a quick spray of paint for a new look)

And last but not least.. I spent my last $0.50 cents on this. The seller had a big collection of SL Cookbooks and was letting them go for  .50cents (I wanted them all but I did mention last $0.50 cents) lol… thank God for small favors..

S00000.. that’s all folks.. that sums up all my purchases for this fun event.. I can’t wait till next year..!

Now.. let me just show you a couple of good bargains I left behind..

I really liked these bird pictures.  They were matted in a black lacquer bamboo frame.. He had a set of 3 for $40.00.  (I’ll regret I left them later)

This desk and chair set was $20.00  – perfect for a dorm room

This USA pottery planter was $8.00 (I’ll regret this one too)

3rd regret…. this Beehive Pitcher.. smh… lift foot- insert kick..

So there you have it.. MY BIG GRABS at THE BIG GRAB..  If you’re interested in attending it.. they have this event every year – first Friday and Sat in September –  and remember the I2I-49 Mile Yard Sale is the first Friday and Saturday in June.  Hope to see you at one of them!  In the meantime.. go hunt and find your next big grab and don’t forget to holla at your girl and keep me posted!    Smooches

Monday Makeover

While most bloggers are gearing up for fall new looks and colors… I’m still holding on to summer like a kid kicking and screaming “Don’t go” – grabbing on his mommy’s leg when she’s leaving…lol..

I can’t help it.. I love summer..  So I’m sharing, I guess, my final makeover for the garden.  I found these mirrors at a yard sale for $5.00ea.  I had no idea what I was going to use them for when I bought them, but I figure, at $10.00 bucks – I’ll find something.  They were sturdy mirrors made of some type of hard plastic and quite heavy.  I left them outside for a few days (not intentionally – during heavy rainstorms and saw they withheld it) so that’s when it hit me… They could be my outdoor mirrors.  I’ve been wanting a mirror in the garden, but outdoor mirrors are so expensive (WHY?????)  Here are the pair of mirrors – I really liked the scrolling on top but the color…YIKES!! talk about ugly… blah….


So with my trusty paint can in hand.. I gave them a new look…


I know it’s not a fall color – but I don’t care.. I love the summer look.. and besides.. it’s still 90’s here and I’m loving it.. even though the leaves are beginning to fall.. (I’m dreading it..)… but anyway, I’m just going to enjoy my mirrors in the garden for the next few weeks..

For a whimsical touch, I used Martha Stewart’s gold paint to outline the scroll detail.

Pretty huh??

I may not keep it here, but I do like how it goes with the bistro set (and it blocks the view of the dead tree). I’ll worry more about that next summer, but at least I have my outdoor mirrors. ☺️

To see other mirrors in the garden inspiration .. Check out my Pinterest board and remember to follow along with me pinning away!  Until next time… Tah-tah.. Smooches